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Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Bob Redwanc | Nevada | 2018-05-10

We just picked up our new Panamera Turismo Hybrid, our sixth Porsche from Gaudin. We love our family there so much that before moving to Vegas we were driving from Sedona AZ. to purchase and service our cars. We are thrilled to be local and to have the convenience of having the dealership nearby. Gaudin has a great group of people that are so easy going. They make the experience of buying a car enjoyable. My dog Zotz loves to go in on Saturday mornings for a car wash just to hang out and get so much attention. The guys and girls, Dan our sales person, Rico, sales manager, Beth in finance, Paul, service manager, Jim, General Manager and the rest of the crew are professional, caring and very knowledgable. We consider them all our friends and would never go to another dealer or drive anything but a Porsche! Sorry guys, you're stuck with us!

Andy Lou | Nevada | 2018-03-20

Walked in Gaudin last Saturday, walked out with 18’ 911 and 18’ Cayenne! Thanks Jin for excellent help! He even delivered the car to our house. See you guys in 2 years for the next rides :)

Ronald | Washington | 2018-03-03

My 2014 Cayman is the second Porsche purchased from Gouden, Las Vegas. Gouden is the reason I can't fathom driving a vehicle other than a Porsche, with Gouden support. Paul Molina has been my service representative for many years, and the impetus of this review is a tribute to the honesty, integrity and complete "professionalism" demonstrated (over many years) by Paul! With my warranty expiring, and two crucial items that required replacement, I came down with the killer Flu bug. My flight had to be rescheduled to Las Vegas, and my warranty clock was within a week. In panic mode, I appealed to Paul to for any possible help he could provide? Paul was supportive, understanding and worked through my dilemma. Paul was 100% empathetic, managing to juggle my expiring warranty and necessary repairs. After suffering the near death Flu experience, Paul Molina's compassion was priceless! Porsche Las Vegas has always been more than a first class operation. In my experience, Paul Molina exemplifies why!!

John Sullivan | Nevada | 2018-02-23

I recently had the pleasure of working with both Michael Deeb, and Rico Scotti, who assisted my Wife and I in purchasing our first Porsche. From day one, the entire transaction was seamless, and both Michael and Rico showed an incredible amount of professionalism, hard work, passion, and were there to cater us for all of our needs! We are beyond happy with our purchase, and delighted to have had such a great experience.

Steven yelman | Nevada | 2018-02-16

I would like to say gaudin Porsche in Las Vegas, best of the best I would like to mention, mark Thomas, Danilo.and of course Malcolm cheek , manager, man these guys are superstars, excellent customer service, great sales and customer relations, great priced cars with excellent condition, anyone looking for a car please go see these guys they are truly awesome ????

Richard weiner | Nevada | 2017-08-17

Thanks to Paul Molina for taking care of our several Porsches thru the years ????!great customer service!

Robert Corkish | NV | 2017-06-28

Outstanding buying experience. Eric was without a doubt the best car salesman I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Eric, Landen, and Rico are all true professionals. They worked with us to build our Porsche and kept us informed on our build and deliver every step of the way. I would have never imagined that I would ever own a Porsche. Our Cayenne is AWESOME but let me assure you that the Gaudin Porsche team is every bit as AWESOME. Thank you for a superb buying experience.

Per Jakobsen | Nevada | 2017-06-20

Never thought I would say this. A car salesperson who actually gives me a solid price for my trade-in and asks me what deal I want. Then goes to bat for the deal. And gets it!! Thanks Michael Anderson.

Jim Campisi | Nevada | 2017-03-14

Awesome experience. Dealing with Michael Anderson and the staff was great! No pressure, no typical salesman talk, just pure professionalism. This is the way ALL dealerships should operate.

Rush/Laurie Jackson | California | 2017-02-27

Best car purchase I ever had. Felt like family taking care of us. Jon Capps, Eric Payne,Malcolm and Amy.. Thank you all for making my 50th birthday a special one. Long story short, flew to Las Vegas for a Valentine's vacation. On a suggestion from my wife, we decided to go to the local porsche dealership.Turned out to be Gaudin Porsche. After locating the car of my dreams, the crew went above and beyond to make my 50th birthday a memorable moment that I will never forget. I got that Porsche and drove it back home to northern California (what a drive). Since I returned home, one would have thought that the service ended once I drove the car off of the lot, it did not. That same level of service followed me home with continued personal contact . Thank you guys very much. I'll stop by on my next Vagas visit.

Maurice T | Nevada | 2017-01-12

Great buying experience, anticipated all my needs making the process seamless. Genuine about providing service....i'll be back.

Dr. Dave Winiewicz | NV | 2016-11-17

Fantastic service and smooth deal. Sales consultant Anthony Mendoza was personable, professional, and thoroughly knowledgeable. My highest praise to him and the dealership. Any potential customer will not be disappointed coming thru their front door.

Mike Wesson | Nevada | 2016-10-11


Don Krieger | NV | 2016-01-07

Highest ratings to this wonderful dealership. I saw a car on EBAY that was for sale at Gaudin. I called directly to the dealership and spoke to salesman Mike Anderson. Because I live in Northern California, I negotiated the deal over the phone including my trade-in. My wife and I drove down to Vegas and was expertly and warmly treated by Mike in Gaudin's beautiful new dealership. All the necessary paperwork for bringing the car back to California was handled perfectly. I have purchased many cars, and, without a doubt, this was the best car experience I have encountered. Even if you're out of state, I would recommend a visit.

Ahoud Watkins | NV | 2016-01-07

We are writing to convey our immense pleasure and gratitude to Gaudin Porsche for an amazing car purchasing experience. We especially like to thank Eric Alcantara for his superior customer service skills, extensive knowledge of your product, and his personable approach of making us feel apart of the Gaudin Porsche family. He was very patient while answering every question we through at him. I must say Eric Alcantara is one of the most highly skilled professional in this industry we've encountered in a long time. We like to compliment the staff and management at Gaudin Porsche, for satisfying all our needs. Thank you Eric, We are Gaudin Porsche customers for life. Sincerely. Mrs Watkins

Rikki Hoopes | NV | 2015-12-08

"My boyfriend had an oil change and we had the shuddle take us to a bar.. by the time they picked us up we had a couple drinks in our system and they would not allow us to drive so they drove our car for us, and I absolutely absolutely appreciate the fact that they cared about our safety and everyone else's.. u guys we're my guardian angels.. thank u"


Matthew B. | NV | 2015-12-08

"Just bought my 3rd car from this place. I am totally nuts about cars and I usually like to try something new about every 3 years so I was checking out other brands at other dealerships, which I've dealt with before, but as I started to deal with them the car buying and service experience at those other luxury brand dealerships was frankly just not the same as at Gaudin Jaguar/Porsche. You can just tell they care about their customers and they realize that if you take care of them then they'll be back when they're ready to make another purchase as I'm proof that philosophy works. I dealt with Jeff Shilder and Mark Thomas and both of those guys are great and I'd highly recommend. They treated me like I was their number 1 client and like all good sales professionals in any business they seemed more concerned about helping me find the best vehicle/vehicles to suit my needs versus just trying to push something on me as I felt was happening at the other places I went. They also have great passion about the cars they sell (definitely car guys too) and therefor were knowledgable about their products, whereas at other places I felt I knew much more about the cars I was looking at than the person trying to sell them to me. Top notch follow up and treatment after the sale as well. As for pricing, now of days with all of the information available on the internet it's fairly easy to determine what a good and fair price is for a vehicle and as any good educated and informed car buyer should, I had numbers that I was willing and hoping to pay when I walked in the door and I must say they cut right to the chase as their first numbers were fairly close to what I had hoped to pay. At the end of the day I walked away completely happy with not only what I paid but the hole experience and I will be buying my next car from this place."

A. Mooney | NV | 2015-12-08

"January 29, 2015 I was just looking, Dan offered me the opportunity to test drive a model car I was most interested in but I didn't have my drivers license with me that weeknight. He scheduled me for an appointment to drive later in the week. The car I was going to drive was sold the day of my drive but he had me come down to drive another car. I was impressed with his knowledge of the cars background and performance. I informed him of the options I was looking for in that model of car. Two months later I received a call from Dan, he informed me that a car I may be interested in just came in that day and the price was right. I drove and bought the car that night. Even at the late hour we were there the staff was very nice. I was very impressed with the Pre-owned Certification process, four tires were replaced due to age even though there was plenty of tread life left. A full tank of gas didn't hurt either."

Brian T. | NV | 2015-12-08

"Took my SUV there for service, the service was completed on time, vehicle was clean, staff was friendly. Highly recommend them."

Igor S. | NV | 2015-12-08

"Great Place to buy your car, honest sales rep, great car choices, they inspect all theirs cars well before they put it in sale. They give you always a great service, nice car wash on Saturdays. The used car sales manager he is the man always will give you honest opinion and nice guy."

Richard R. | NV | 2015-12-08

"As usual, I've gotten the type of professional and competent service this most recent time, as I've received over the past twenty-six years from the Gaudin team. The service is complete, the car well taken care of, the team courteous, competent and caring, the price more than fair. When there is a problem with one of my Porsche's, I don't hesitate to leave it in the hands of Paul Molina and Toby and the rest o the gang."

Andrew McCulley | NV | 2015-12-08

"Was visiting Vegas and had to stop by. Top notch people and a great facility/inventory. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with them when time for a new Porsche."

John Boschetto | NV | 2015-12-08

"Gaudin Jaguar Porsche has received a 5 star review by a consumer on By John B. from Las Vegas Nevada | October 22, 2013 I'm always treated great at Gaudin, Paul Molina has always taken care of me, very happy everyone at the dealership.----------JB"

Bruce Garon | NV | 2015-12-08

"My limited experience with your service department and sales department has been both highly professional and cordial. Nothing less than what I expected. Keep up the good job."

Jeremy Courtney | NV | 2015-12-08

"Thank you for contacting me. I had a very positive experience. Paul Molina did a great job of explaining things to me. I even learned a little about the car which was great!"

FDHLAW Seattle | NV | 2015-12-08

"J.P. Munoz was straightforward and fair in negotiations, said what he could do and what he couldn't. I flew in for a particular car; we negotiated the deal, got the accessories I needed, and arranged for shipping in the same day."

Nalliah Rajah | NV | 2015-12-08

"Mike, Walked in and out of Gaudin Porsche Dealer with a gre at car. Your whole team should be congratulated for professionalism, good customer service and trouble free business transaction. Rajah."

John Grambo | NV | 2015-12-08

"I received a Happy Birthday card from Michael Shiffman at Gaudin. I have purchased three cars in fourteen years from Michael. I think that speaks volumes about the dealership and Michael. I bought a 911 Carrera Cabriolet, Happy Birthday to me."

Tracy Kamensky | NV | 2015-12-08

"I'm so glad I went with Gaudin! They were wonderful. Thank you for all your help. I love my new Cayenne!"

Don & Cynthia Tidwell | NV | 2015-12-08

"We would like to thank you (Mark Thomas) for all your help and understanding on the delivery of our new Porsche. We absolutely love the car and your help in getting the deal done was crucial, you made it all come together."

Cristian Neagu | NV | 2015-12-08

"I have just purchased a previously owned Porsche which I have found on line. The service from Gaudin Porsche has been phenomenal. Danilo Micale, my salesperson, picked me up at the airport, had everything ready and made the entire process wonderful. The best car buying experience in my life! Rico Scotti orchestrated the entire process. Just prior to leaving the dealership, a part on the car broke. Since I was driving it to Northern Californnia, Danilo and Danny Angell were wonderful enough to make arrangements to have it fixed at my local Porsche dealership at no cost. GREAT SERVICE! In writing this review, I was thinking of the best compliment I can pay to all these guys. Here it goes: Would I purchase another vehicle from Gaudin Porsche again? Not only that I would purchase the car but I would not hesitate to make the trip from 600 miles away knowing that the experience will be a wonderful one!"

Larry Austin | NV | 2015-12-08

"I just wanted to let you know that Mike Anderson was great. He did a fantastic job helping me with the purchase of my Porsche. Larry Austin"

Mick Willemsen | NV | 2015-12-08

"Thank you Mark, for a great experience."

Steven H. | NV | 2015-12-08

"Thank you Gaudin for a great deal!"

Shane I. | NV | 2015-12-08

"I am so thrilled about my new 911, and the experience at Gaudin Porsche was amazing. I wouldn't buy a car anywhere else."--Shane I."

Patrick & CIndy Milbank | NV | 2015-12-08

"thank you for your professionalism..."

Stephane | NV | 2015-12-08

"What an amazing car!"

Sandy & Ron M. | NV | 2015-12-08

"We love our new car!! It is a beautiful automobile and well engineered. The staff at Gaudin is very courteous and professional too. They made us feel very special and the whole process of buying a car was very seamless. Thanks Valerie Burks for making our purchase a very happy one!"

Mark Ungerschick | NV | 2015-12-08

"Dear Sarah, and the entire Gaudin team, I just wanted to take another opportunity to thank you and all at Gaudin for the excellent service on the purchase/delivery of my Cayenne S. The entire process was perfect and I look forward to future purchases from you and your dealership. I think this is how the process is supposed to work, but rarely do results meet/exceed expectations! Incidentally, the look-and-feel of your property is superior to what we have in Kansas City; I'm guessing that Las Vegas is a much more competitive market and Gaudin shows extremely well. Also, I wanted to single-out Kurt for his personal attention (he multi-tasks well!) and for contacting me on Monday to inquire as to my satisfaction on my return trip. Please feel free to share this email with anyone at Gaudin that I came in contact with; they all helped to make my buying experience first-rate. Again, regarding my entire buying experience, I can only say "well played!" (seems appropriate in L.V.). Best regards, Mark S. Ungashick"

Cindy Heller | NV | 2015-12-08

"I love the folks at Gaudin, they made my deal easy.--CH"

John Hoffman | NV | 2015-12-08

"Mark, Thanks so much for the great service on getting me into this vehicle. You now have a loyal customer, I will come to you all when I need my next car. Please also forward this message to Rico, he was instrumental in me being able to get this Cayenne. Love the car, it is exactly what I was looking for. I am bound to have some questions about it as I get to know more of the features etc., I feel totally comfortable calling you guys for assistance. I will happily give you guys excellent reviews on anything sent my way..." --John H.,CEO,"

Gwen and Bob F. | NV | 2015-12-08

"Happy Gaudin Panamera owners and Gaudin Porsche FB fans."

Susan * Jeanne Hansen | NV | 2015-12-08

"We cannot thank the folks enough at Gaudin Porsche for their knowledge and great efforts to make a dream car ours! We drove 2 hours on a Tuesday night to see a 2007 Porsche Boxster and ended up spending the night to be able to keep "talking" about this car. The next day they had the car into the service shop to get a minor detail corrected. Throughout the time there we were always treated with great respect and care. We will absolutely be back and thanks to Ricky Ash and Glenn Anderson!! Susan & Jeanne"

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