The Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas Team

Our Porsche Team

Backed by years of Porsche dedicated automotive excellence, Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas welcomes the opportunity to shine for you! Be it a classic, collectible, custom or stock Porsche, we are here to make your "Porsche life" the best driving experience you could have ever imagined!



H. Gary Ackerman

H. Gary Ackerman | Dealer Principal

Thank you for visiting our dealer website,we look forward to serving 
you here at Gaudin Porsche.

Jim Mooradian

Jim Mooradian | General Manager

Jim has over 40 years in the automobile business and shares that experience with our guests. He has been with the Gaudin family for 6 years. He is looking forward to retiring with us, having previously spent over 30 years with his last dealership. 




Paul Jarrett Jr.

Paul Jarrett Jr. | General Sales Manager

Paul is currently the General Sales Manager for Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas, however he started his career with Gaudin Motor Company in 1997 in the Parts Department at Ford Country. Throughout his tenure with the Henderson-based dealership, he worked in several departments, including the business office, service, PDX and even the restaurant, Mustang Sally’s.

Paul attended the University of Nevada, Reno and graduated in 2003 with Distinction. He returned to the automotive industry and joined the team at Lithia Motors. After gaining experience in sales, finance and management, it was time to head back to Las Vegas and the Gaudin Motor Company family.

In 2008, Paul returned to Ford Country, where his automotive career began. He spent time in the finance department and as a sales manager before moving to Gaudin Ford in 2010. After two years at Gaudin Ford, and then two more back at Ford Country, he landed at Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas.

Passion for the German automaker runs deep, therefore, he felt right at home from one. In addition to overseeing all sales operations for Gaudin Porsche, Paul is an active member of the Porsche Club of Las Vegas, as well as a Founding Board Member of the Red Rock Concours d’elegance.

First Car: Pontiac Fiero

Favorite Porsche: Carrera 6 (906) 

Phone: 702.383.6111 • Email:

Rico Scotti

Rico Scotti | Sales Manager

Rico hails from Pennsylvania and enjoys not shoveling snow. He started off turning wrenches at the age of 15 and has been in the automotive industry since. After 16 years in the service department, he decided to make a career change and move to sunny Las Vegas. A master technician turned sales guru has joined our sales team at Gaudin in 2010 and has managed his department with success. He enjoys the interaction with the consumer and very passionate on customer satisfaction!

Contact directly at:   702-383-6005

Phone: 702.383.6005 • Email:

Malcolm Cheek

Malcolm Cheek | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Malcolm has literally lived from sea ­­to shining sea. Born in Fairfax County, Virginia, he is a die-hard Redskins fan. Malcolm has also lived in Alaska and spent the last 20 years in Florida. He bought his first Porsche in 1987 and has been a Porsche enthusiast ever since. Although. He began his automotive sales career in 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia and has extensive management experience as a Sales and General Manager.  Stop by and say hello to Malcolm. 

Contact directly at: 702-383-6070

Mobile: 813-210-2834

Phone: 702.383.6800 • Email:

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson | Classic Sales Manager

Michael Anderson was fortunate enough to be born into a true Porsche family. An Oregon native, his father was a Porsche dealer principal for over 31 years and passed down his love of the brand. As a Certified Brand Ambassador and an active member of the Porsche Club of America, Michael enjoys nothing more than putting the right vehicle into the garage of like-minded enthusiasts.

First Car: 1985 Volkswagen GTI

Favorite Porsche: His 1978 911SC

Phone: 702.383.6087 • Email:

Beth Lamermier

Beth Lamermier | Finance Director

Beth Lamermier has been with the Gaudin Family Of Dealers since 1995. She has been doing a wonderful job keeping the Finance Department #1 in Nevada.

Contact directly at:   702-383-6008


Phone: 702.383.6008 • Email:

Toby Gebheim

Toby Gebheim | Service Director

Toby Gebheim has been with the Gaudin Family of Dealers since 1999. He has been our Service Director throughout his time here at this dealership. He manages and controls our Service Department to make sure every customer leaves here satisfied.

Contact directly at:   702-383-6072

Phone: 702.383.6072 • Email:

Mark Jiminez

Mark Jiminez | Parts Director

Mark Jimenez has been with the Gaudin Family Of Dealers since 1986. He's highly dedicated and manages the best Parts Department here in Nevada.He is a huge Nebraska fan, loves animals, sports and hiking.

Contact directly at:   702-383-6136

Phone: 702.383.6136 • Email:

Paul Jarrett Sr.

Paul Jarrett Sr. | Porsche Ambassador

Paul Sr. has been with the Gaudin family of dealerships for over 13 years. Son of a priest, a former military contractor and casino executive, Paul's choice for semi-retirement was the car business. Chances are someone you know in Las Vegas has bought a Porsche from Paul. When you want to know how the car was built, the timing and torque of any Jaguar or Porsche on our lot, Paul has the answer.

Recognized repeatedly over the years for Salesman of the Month, you won't find a gentler soul in the car business. But make no mistake, he can deliver the best deal on the planet, knowing how to negotiate on his clients behalf.

"My clients are truly family, and my family includes the Gaudin staff where my children now follow in my footsteps. I'm proud to be nationally recognized as a Porsche Sales Ambassador and welcome the opportunity to earn your business and respect the right way. Integrity is my watch-word."

Contact directly at:   702-383-6080

Phone: 702.383.6080 • Email:

Danilo Micale

Danilo Micale | Porsche New and CPO Sales

Dan has been with Gaudin for nearly 9 years. He is bi-lingual and an avid long-distance bike rider. Ask Dan for directions in any language and he can get you there!

Dan is our 2014 Salesman of the Year!

Contact directly at:   702-383-6075

Mobile:   702-860-7688


Phone: 702.383.6075 • Email:

David Soyk

David Soyk | Porsche Ambassador

David grew up in the Mid-west, spending most of his time between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He moved to Las Vegas in 2010 and joined the team at Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas. As a former competitive race car driver, his passion and knowledge of the brand runs deep. Having owned four Porsches over the years, David is passionate about making the Porsche dream a reality for his clients.
Mobile phone 909-702-0229.

First Car: Grandfather’s Pontiac Star Chief

Favorite Porsche: 911 (964) Turbo Lightweight

Phone: 702.383.6086 • Email:

Jerett Millette

Jerett Millette | Parts Sales

Jerett has been with Gaudin Porsche Las Vegas for many years. He keeps the service department running smoothly as our technicians often have several vehicles in various states of repair. Jerett makes our lives easier by keeping the uniquely special Porsche parts flowing from Germany to your car.

Contact directly at:   702-383-6133

Phone: 702.383.6133 • Email:

Dane Husted

Dane Husted | Gaudin Service Shop Foreman

Dane is a long-time Gaudin family member dedicated to serving you and your car with the utmost in care, understanding and technical expertise.

Contact directly at:   702-383-6304

Phone: 702.383.6304 • Email:

Paul Molina

Paul Molina | Porsche Service Ambassador

Paul is the most accomplished Porsche Service Ambassador in the western states, and our reviews from happy Gaudin Porsche owners reflect it. Service after the sale is our motto and Paul embraces this philosphy in everything he does. When not on the drive he is behind the wheel or pumping iron.

Contact directly at:   702-383-6064

Phone: 702.383.6064 • Email:

Debra Crall

Debra Crall | Porsche Warranty Administrator

Debra Crall has been working for Gaudin Porsche for over 11 years. Her skills,knowledge and experience in Porsche vehicle warranty is extensive, enabling her to seamlessly and effectively guide the customer through the Porsche warranty process.

Contact directly at:   702-383-6068

Phone: 702.383.6800 • Email:

Elias Tedesco

Elias Tedesco | Porsche Service Technician

Elias quiet style lets loose when he gets into the engine, transmission and computerized-electronics behind the Porsche German-engineering heritage. In his off-time he cheers on the San Fransisco 49ers.

Greg Backe

Greg Backe | Porsche Service Technician

Greg is the consumate Porsche technician. Always driving for more information and knowledge, we have often suffered the  loss of Greg for a week at a time as he travels the country for additional Porsche training. We haven't sent him to Germany yet, primarily because we are afraid we won't get him back!

Curtis Wright

Curtis Wright | Porsche Service Technician

Curtis is the quiet lion in the Porsche service center. Serious and laser-focused, he studies the history and future products with relish, ready to answer any question or concern.

Martin Solorzano

Martin Solorzano | Porsche Service Technician

Martin is the proud graduate of the famous California Technical Institute from which Porsche and many race car techs are certified. We are thrilled to have him join the Gaudin team, where he is anxious to help your Porsche perform to it's maximum capability.

Ian Mathers

Ian Mathers | Porsche Service Technician

Ian comes to us with many years of technical expertise and a love for all things car-related. A quick guy who lets his work speak for itself.

Corey LaFountain

Corey LaFountain | Porsche Service Technician

We are thrilled to have Corey join the Gaudin team. He is anxious to help your Porsche perform to it's maximum capability.