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Charging Your Porsche E-Hybrid

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Charging infrastructure

In our opinion, an innovative car concept is of no value if it ends with the car. E-Performance therefore includes the infrastructure: an optimally integrated vehicle charge port, practical charging equipment and intelligent charging options, to use at home and on the road.

Car charging connection

The vehicle charge port connects the car to the electricity infrastructure.

Once plugged in, the vehicle plug is automatically identified by the car and locked. The car is now secured, even against driving off. The charging process starts immediately. If you use the charging timer to enter a time by when the battery should be charged, the charging process will start later. So that you can take advantage of cheaper nighttime tariffs, for example.

Two LEDs show the mains connection status and the battery’s charge level. When you open the car with the key, the charging process is stopped and the vehicle plug is released.

Charging accessories

When you buy an E-Hybrid you automatically receive the charging accessories that have been developed by Porsche itself. You can then charge your car at home and on the road quite safely, quickly and conveniently.

The Porsche Universal Charger (AC) establishes a safe connection between different sockets and your car. Charging normally starts automatically when it is plugged in. However, if there is a problem – due to a defective socket for example –, clear instructions will appear on the display.

The charging dock has been specially created by Porsche Design. The practical wall mount for the Porsche Universal Charger (AC) is like a private filling station – for your Porsche. The Porsche Universal Charger (AC) can be easily stowed in the transport case for use on the road. If you want to charge your car abroad, you can opt for an appropriate adapter cable – for all common sockets throughout the world.

Charging at home

  • To charge your car quickly and conveniently at home we recommend you install an industrial socket and the charging dock. You can connect the Porsche universal charger (AC) to the heavy current socket and place it in the charging dock.

  • If required they will arrange a suitable time for a qualified electrician to visit you. Of course, the installation can also be performed by any proficient electrician that you trust.

  • The electrician commissioned comes to you and checks where the charging dock can be installed, e.g. on a wall close to where the vehicle is parked.

  • The charging dock is installed – you can now fill up with electricity even more conveniently and quickly at home. Your car will be fully charged in approximately 2.3 hours.

Charging on the road

  • Close to shopping centres, in parking lots or at the road: a lot of cities now already have public charging stations that you can use.

  • With the increasing number of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, the number of charging stations is also continuing to increase.

  • Alternatively, you can fill up with electricity using the Porsche universal charger (AC) at any normal socket, e.g. while at work or visiting friends. There are special, easy-to-change plug adapters for this.

  • The charging equipment can be stowed in the transport pocket in the luggage compartment to save space.


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