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Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas

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Keep your Porsche in top condition!

The Maintenance Schedule information presented here is for reference only. Accuracy is of prime importance, hence, when viewing the Maintenance Schedule for your particular vehicle, be certain that your vehicle's model name (911S, 911 Turbo, Carrera, etc.) and its Porsche internal model designation (e.g. Boxster: 981, 986, 987, etc.), which appear at the top of the schedule's first page, correctly match those of your vehicle. Please note that the various trim levels (S, GTS, 4S,Turbo, Diesel, E-Hybrid, etc.) are included in the model listings. We have also included several Classic Porsche models. Images are for illustration only. 

We provide this information to help keep you informed about your Porsche's regularly scheduled maintenance requirements. Please contact the Gaudin Porsche service department to verify the specific maintenance needs of your vehicle or to answer any questions that you may have regarding scheduled maintenance.

You can contact Service directly at 877-873-2152 or blue text product Tap To Call for mobile.

Please locate your vehicle in the list below, then click the appropriate link to view the Maintenance Schedule. If you don't see your vehicle, or a vehicle Maintenance Schedule for your year and model designation, please call us or stop by, we'll be happy to help!