Gaudin Porsche - First Porsche Certified Classic Partner in the U.S.

Gaudin Porsche is proud to announce the creation of Gaudin Porsche Classic, the first Porsche Certified Classic Partner in the USA. Mike Anderson, Gaudin Porsche Classic Manager, is at the helm of the new program. Mike, who hails from Bend, OR, had the opportunity to be exposed to the Porsche marque through his father who was a Porsche dealer for 32 years (Mike caught the bug early!). He still has his first Porsche, a 1978 911SC coupe, purchased 12 years ago.

Mike has been with Gaudin Porsche for five years and has been a Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador for the last three years. He explains that Porsche Classic is a new factory-backed program that involves the purchasing, selling, reconditioning and restoration of classic Porsche cars. It also includes a network of Porsche professionals working together to provide the finest service and parts for these vehicles. Once the program is fully up and running, Gaudin will be able to sell Porsche Classic vehicles with a certified "Porsche Classic" label that will ensure all work is done to Porsche's high standards, that all parts used are genuine Porsche brand and that all service work is performed by factory-trained service professionals who specialize in Porsche Classic vehicles.

The Porsche Classic program was created out of the passion of Gaudin Porsche's owner, Gary Ackerman. A true Porsche enthusiast and collector, Gary made it his mission to become the first Porsche Classic dealer certified in the U.S. The Gaudin Porsche Classic department is located in the newest Porsche Center in the country - the brand new Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas.

Gaudin's expectations for the future are to have the Gaudin Classic department evolve into a high-volume operation that includes an ever-changing inventory of high quality classic Porsche vehicles, a seamless relationship with our restoration partners, a notable classic parts inventory and a continually-trained staff of service professionals.

Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas will manage a constantly changing classic vehicle inventory from early fifties cars to relatively modern cars of ten years ago. The quality of these classic cars will range from "projects" to exceptional examples worthy of the lawn at Pebble Beach. Best of all, Gaudin's factory-trained technicians and restoration partners can provide all required inspection and refurbishment services.

Additional Gaudin Porsche Certified Classic Partner services will include a database of customers looking to acquire specific classic vehicles, maintenance services for any Porsche under this program plus, Gaudin has lending partners who offer financing for older classic vehicles along with newer classics (i.e. about ten years old) that meet eligibility requirements.

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For further information, please contact Mike at 702-383-6087 or at manderson@gaudinporschelv.com.


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